Show me the Money!


EnviroSnap 8010 VS Epoxy

  • Both are Styrene Free
  • EnviroSnap 8010 Pot life (standard) is greater - bonus points
  • EnviroSnap 8010 Cure Cyle 28 Minutes - Hands down: Advantage  Envirosnap
  • Easy Chemistry winner - Envirosnap 8010 
  • Combine the above points with your labor costs - your cost  will be lower with Envirosnap 8010 allowing you to run a higher margin and still charge less to the customer (win/win)
  • 8in Pipe - 4mm liner - 300 feet - 624 lbs of resin / epoxy =  beat the competion in price and make more money

EnviroSnap 8010 vs Vinyl

  • NO STYRENE - you can quote all the jobs - EnviroSnap 8010 wins 
  • EnviroSnap Cure Time wins (28 minutes - less labor in lateral or big main, resin hits 140 and holds for 28 minutes your done!)
  • Great working time - 8 hours + Pot life - EnviroSnap 8010 wins again!
  • 200 Lbs shot with very cost effective Vinyl - we can show you the numbers for a higher margin and lower costs.

Make more quicker

With the PMW Envirosnap's 28 minute cure cycle - you can setup multiple jobs for the same day - 3 times the jobs at higher margins mean your more effective  per crew - combine with the easy to use and hard to break system - WIN / WIN for you!

Need more information

Visit the products page and check out the NO Styrene Zone , and the Installer Advantages, because at the end of the day - a no Styrene solution, that is super easy to work with, hard to break, and cuts down labor is worth talking about!