EnviroSnap Best Practices

     PMW Technologies has developed a new and revolutionary styrene and monomer-free resin family to address the environmental, potential health risks,  and pungent odor issues associated with styrene and styrenated resins used in the Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) industry. While much effort was put into making these resins as similar to their styrenated counterparts with regards to handling and use, there are some keys to success that need to be highlighted and addressed. This guide was created to assist the wet out and installation crews as they begin to incorporate these new resins into their routine usage.

     This guide covers the portion of the CIPP process from resin storage through liner curing and post curing. Many guidelines and suggestions have been provided throughout this guide with the intent of aiding in the production of a properly wet out, installed and cured liner being the end result. 

PMW Envirosnap Best Practices Guide (pdf)