About Us

PMW Technologies

PMW Technologies is an Indiana based company started by 3 partners to specialize in engineering environmentally friendly, rapid curing resins and pre-impregnated composite materials.  PMW has worked hard to develop close relationships with our supplier network and customers to produce material solutions that exceed our expectations.

What We Do and Where We Do It

Our products are developed for use in applications from below ground Cured in Place Pipe to high performance aerospace and everything in between. We are specialists in out of autoclave processing using low temperature, fast cycle, low shrinkage materials for Vacuum Bag Oven, Vacuum Infusion, Filament Winding and Press cure methods.

How We Can Help

The PMW Technologies Team has the right background and expertise to help you design the solution for your composite application using the latest resin chemistry without impacting our environment or wasting your company’s valuable time with long cure cycles.